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High quality
distillate, potency
85-90%+ THC

Appealing to
every palate,
10 terpene profiles


100% solvent free,
never cut with

Welcome to Spherex where you’ll discover a wide variety of strains that appeal to every palate. They’re designed for a consistent, flavorful and enhanced experience. Every time.

Strain Profiles

Strain Profiles

Appealing to every palate, our all-natural terpene-blends are designed for a consistent, flavorful and enhanced experience.

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Spherex Disposables

Enjoy our newly introduced disposable pens formulated for that perfect feeling.

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Spherex Disposable
Spherex Pax Pods

Spherex Pax Pods

Set your prefs and personalize your Spherex experience with the proprietary technology of PAX Session Control.

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Spherex Select

Seeking an even more flavorful experience, using our state-of-the-art terpene extraction process we offer Spherex Select, which features 90%+ THC and 100% natural cannabis derived terpenes.

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Our Battery

Activation by inhalation (LED light tip indicator) for a precise on- demand vapor delivery up to 3 times more powerful than our competitors.

CCELL Technology

CCELL technology embeds its heating coil within a cylindrical ceramic core, which provides even heating, and an unparalleled vaping experience.