Spherex remains committed to providing consumers with pure cannabis concentrates and terpenes. We do not use any harmful additives, including vitamin E acetate, in our concentrates or vape products. All products undergo rigorous third-party testing for outside contaminants and are compliant with applicable state laws. To ensure safety, we encourage everyone to purchase all products from licensed cannabis retailers.

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Break-through Innovation Break-through Innovation

Break-through Innovation

Award Winning Strains Award Winning Strains

Award Winning Strains

Highest Quality Highest Quality

Highest Quality

Created with our innovative extraction and refinement techniques, Spherex produces the inustry’s leading vape cartridges and dablicators

Each strain is analyzed for composition then blended to taste. With the perfect blend in hand, we then source the highest quality natural terpenes to create a consistent experience.

CCELL technology provides even heating, and an unparalleled vaping experience without compromising on flavor, delivery and efficacy.

High quality
distillate, potency
85-90%+ THC

Appealing to
every palate,
10 terpene profiles


100% solvent free,
never cut with