Spherex remains committed to providing consumers with pure cannabis concentrates and terpenes. We do not use any harmful additives, including vitamin E acetate, in our concentrates or vape products. All products undergo rigorous third-party testing for outside contaminants and are compliant with applicable state laws. To ensure safety, we encourage everyone to purchase all products from licensed cannabis retailers.

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Experience the Difference Experience the Difference

Experience the Difference

Any Occasion Any Occasion

Any Occasion

Evening Phyx Evening Phyx

Evening Phyx

PHYX is the new thc-infused sparkling water with zero cannabis taste or smell. PHYX's proprietary nano-encapsulation technology lets you feel the effects of THC in minutes, but lasts only an hour so you can get back to your day.

Your alternative to edibles and alcohol has arrived.

Formulated for that perfect feeling.

Refreshing flavor, no cannabis smell or taste

Immediate effect with proprietary Nano-encapsulation absorption technology

All natural ingredients, zero calories, sugar, carbs

Convenient, discreet and easy to carry

PHYX Flavors

All Natural, Grapefruit,
Lime and Dragonfruit.

PHYX is the perfectly formulated, deliciously refreshing, thc-infused beverage that makes a perfect companion to good times–every time.

Flavor Graph Icons Phyx

1 Phyx can be felt in an avg of 10 min, compared to edibles which take 25-45 min.
2 Other products linger 1 to 3 hrs
Note: Actual results may vary based on consumption, food intake, height, weight and other variables.

Phyx Natural
Phyx Grapefruit
Phyx Lime
Phyx Dragonfruit